LEADAfrica Executive Training, headquartered in Johannesburg, is a human capital growth innovator and pioneer, offering world-class corporate training strategies and services in Africa.

We offer a variety of soft-skills learning programs for employees at all levels of the organization, from management to front-line staff. We do not have or help the traditional boring classroom instruction.

Interaction is taken to a new level with our teaching. We only have learning experiences based on behavioural competencies that are experiential, inspirational, realistic, and strong.

During the sessions, participants learn practical skills, ensuring that information is genuinely learned and preserved.

Our training programs are highly customizable, well-researched, and well-designed. Our clients consistently rate us as the Best Training Partner, which we take great pride in.

Our continued success can be attributed to our loyal, quality-driven customers, as well as their referrals to other businesses in the area.

LEADAfrica training courses are designed to equip business professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to advance their careers, enhance their results, and propel their companies forward.

We ensure that our clients’ interests are at the core of each and every one of our training courses and workshops by putting together academic expertise and business experience. Attending a LEADAfrica training course is a commitment.

Our professional teams are constantly tracking and monitoring the latest market and industry developments, as well as evolving best practices, to ensure that all of our course material is important, realistic, and useful. A dedication to not only learning from the best, but also bringing the best of technical education back to the workplace.